Alexis grew up in a Christian home, attending church with her grandparents. Despite her family’s support, her childhood was challenging due to an absent biological father and a strained relationship with her stepfather. Throughout her adolescence, she struggled and often sought validation from others rather than from herself and God. High school brought bullying, causing her to skip school and become involved with an older boyfriend.

At 18, Alexis dropped out of school and was kicked out of her parents’ home. She leaned on her older boyfriend for support and affection.

At 19, she discovered she was pregnant. Her relationship was often unstable, so she struggled to learn she was pregnant for the second time when her first child was only four months old. Her relationship with her boyfriend was unhealthy and in 2020 she experienced domestic violence, prompting her to leave the relationship.

Following the birth of her second child, Alexis sought a supportive community of fellow parents and was contacted by a Hope Unexpected staff member, as the Grand Rapids West location had just opened, and the program had space for new moms. She began attending Monday Meets, accessed mentoring and counseling, and watched her children thrive in the program.

Alexis is now focused on self-validation and building trust in her parenting decisions. She values the safe and supportive space Hope Unexpected has provided for her and her children.

Alexis’ Story
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